Bamboo Safety Razor

Our razor includes EXTRA 10 Astra blades inside the box  


 About 2 billion razors are thrown into landfills every year


Our Bambuka safety razors make shaving easier requiring less pressure than cartridge razors creating a smoother shave with less irritation. The single blade will clog less which creates a closer shave reducing the chance of ingrown hairs. Lastly, the razor blades are much cheaper than cartridge refills. 


What sets the Original Bamboo Razor apart is the focus on lowering its environmental impact. From the natural bamboo handle and stainless-steel parts, your Bambuka razor is incredibly strong and durable. Our bamboo handles are all natural which means size and color may vary slightly.

It's time to make a change, Bambuka Safety Razor never needs to be thrown away. Even if you do decide to toss it, the bamboo handle is decomposable and the metal parts can be brought to a recycling center.


In a nutshell, you will get a beautiful, eco-friendly, cheaper(in a long run) product getting you better shaving results!

Bamboo Safety Razor

    • Long handle that fits perfectly in any hand

    • Strong and durable, made from high-quality materials

    • Beautiful design :) 

    • Gift packaging (which can be reused as a travel or jewellery box) 

    • Includes 10 Astra razor blades

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